We make videos that help you sell (and smile) more.

A lot of businesses struggle with not having a website that produces the sales or marketing results they deserve. We have a process that clarifies your message and increases client conversions by leveraging the power of video stories. 

But don’t just take it from me - See My Clients! 

Problems we address.

Static websites that do not convert

Sales pitches that do 
not close

Marketing content that  produces poor results

Who we are.

We are a video marketing collective, located in Burlington Ontario, that helps companies develop remarkable communication strategies through the power of video and story.

What we believe.

We believe that your best marketing is found in the joy that you give others and that your greatest success comes by promoting their greatness.

What Our Clients Say is a BIG deal!

Why we do what we do.

There is no greater purpose for us than to place a smile on your face. We do what we do because we love what we do. Our mission and our passion are to promote the greatness of as many people and companies as we can.

Getting paid for it is a nice bonus! :)

Colour Splash.png
Colour Splash.png

SeeMyClients colour splash.

Colour splash is where we celebrate our clients and our time working with them. This is where we showcase them, share their client experience, and give you an inside to their experience with. See my clients with a splash of colour. 


Follow our smiles.

Giving Is Living

Every time you do business with See My Clients we get super excited because it means we get to promote or give to a local charity or group that is doing great things for others. If you don't have a charity of choice, here are a few that we support: