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People policy

See My Clients is Committed to the following set of rules as it pertains to the treatment of all staff, contractors, clients and anyone else we come in contact with (regardless of skin colour, gender or religion).


Our personal mission is to make as many smiles today as possible. Our Company mission is to promote the greatness of as many people and companies as we can. Getting paid for it is a nice bonus:)


See My Clients is committed to creating a work culture that fosters the following:

Love - to all people at all times. Love is the answer to all things.


Joy - to look for it in others and to bring it where ever we go. This is what great stories are made of.


Peace - to settle arguments quickly and to always strive for agreement, harmony and unity.


Patience - to know that nothing amazing comes too quickly without it and that excellence requires it. 


Kindness - with our actions and attitude. Kindness can change the world.


Goodness - to seek this in our work and to create it for the benefit of others.


Faithfulness - to always give the benefit of the doubt, to never judge and never throw anyone under the bus. 


Gentleness - to understand above being understood. 


Self Control - to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. 


No Judgement - this just creates amazing friendships that last forever

Wall of Peeps

People who have added smiles, colour and value to our company over the years.

Thank you!