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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

See My Awesome Client: Cait Wilson

Ever since she was a little girl, Cait Wilson had a dream to dance professionally. In 2011, in the middle of the audition process for the Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance?, that dream was shattered after Cait was involved in a tragic car accident.

She had already made it through to the top 40 but the pain from her injuries was just too severe for her to continue. It was then that she knew her dream of becoming a professional dancer was over.

But the thing about Cait is, she’s a believer. She had another dream burning a hole in her back pocket: to build a dance company.

So instead of wasting time in a state of loss, Cait put on her entrepreneurial dance shoes. At the young age of twenty-one, Creative Edge Dance was born and has been winning awards ever since.

What I love most about Cait is that her success hasn’t changed her fundamental belief that all of us who dare to try can do hard things. Cait will tell you that building her business hasn’t been easy but, much like dancing, it all starts with one foot In front of the other and believing in yourself. Dream. Believe. Step.

What Cait has taught me:

It's ok if your dream dies.

If it does, get a new one. And believe in it. Then keep going!

Never give up dancing toward your dream. Dream. Believe. Step. Repeat. Don’t stop dreaming, believing and taking action steps to get what you want out of this life.

Cait is a believer. She has the word believe tattooed on her arm and painted on almost every wall of her 10,000 square feet of studio space. A great reminder to herself and her students to keep going when things get tough.

In an inspirational video address to all graduate students of 2020, Legendary actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins said:

“Whatever you want to do, believe it, believe it, believe it. Even if you don't believe, play the game of belief. Act as if you believe. That is sheer power. And it will happen. It has worked in my life. It will work in yours. So never give up. believe believe believe.”


Creative Edge is an awesome business that is helping dancers become not just better dancers, but better people. People who believe in their own creative potential for greatness - on and off the dance floor.

And she has the praise to prove it. Just listen to what her employees and clients have to say on her website! !

How We Helped Our Hero Cait :)

Cait needed a new website. Rather than going down the old road, of "let's pay a lot of money for a fancy design and lots of words that no one will read - Blah!", we designed her Brand Story. We began the process by capturing what others had to say about Cait's business and how her story is impacting lives.

Starting with your story is not just a good idea, it's critical in the process of conveying the true value you offer to your clients.

To get the real story, we interviewed Cait's employees and clients. The content, the design and a better marketing strategy flowed from there. What Cait now has is a powerful marketing tool that promotes the true value of her company and offers prospective clients an easy decision path.

Some of the FUN we had:

Everyone has an awesome story just waiting to be told!. If you want a better way to market yourself or your business, contact See My Clients!

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