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“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”  Mother Teresa

Building With Purpose

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

PCM is one of our favourite clients. What we love most about them is how generous they are. This shows up in every home they build and in particular the Princess Margaret Lottery Home in Oakville. They are building their 15th Princess Margaret Lottery Home in Oakville this summer. It is more than a home. It is a beacon of hope in a sea of pain, loss and hardship caused by a disease that we believe is beatable. According to Canadian Cancer Statistics, nearly 1 in 2 Canadians is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 206,152 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer and 80,752 Canadians will die this year because of it.

As one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, Princess Margaret offers real hope. As you will see in this video, Jessica Lui is more than a survivor because of the care she has received from Princess Margaret - she is a source of inspiration and evidence that every dollar counts.

To see how they built this home - visit!

I invite you to join us in supporting The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to end cancer in our lifetime. Donate or buy a ticket/s and give yourself an opportunity to own a 6 million dollar prize home while contributing to a most worthy cause.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to every person and family member effected by cancer.

Thank you PCM for the joy you bring!

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