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When Imagination Meets Creativity

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” —George Bernard Shaw

That is exactly what has happened at Humber College where an idea to design an interactive space that would inspire and showcase creative works has turned into The Tech Zone.

ATA Architects has partnered with Creative Visual Solutions to design an interactive and exciting experience to a once busy and boring corridor at Humber College. Taking an idea and making it come to life isn’t an easy process. But when you have the right team and partners who are highly skilled at their craft, it not only becomes easy it becomes ‘laser show-esque’.

I had the privilege of interviewing Dylan Welsh, Executive Producer from Creative Visual Solutions and Mehtab Kanda, Senior Architect at ATA Architects Inc. about this innovative creation that will be sure to turn heads and bring much joy to many creative students at Humber College.

Here’s what they had to say:


“We are so happy to bring this space to life through the concepts brought to us by Mehtab Kanda, Senior Architectural Technologist at ATA Architects Inc. Some of the features I love about this space are the clean white Corian columns, the angles, the sharp edges. It’s very contemporary, very clean, the glass countertops, the illuminated glass countertops are just spectacular. It really brings a lot of light to the space, very inviting. You can see it all the way down the hallway, this is the space to come and hang out.

“This space here is not only meant for getting all the information you require, but it's also a place to display some of the best parts of Humber College. We have these great indoor displays here that will be showcasing Humber students' artwork. We have an interactive wall, a presentation area and so many places for students to be represented here as artists. For me, technology is where I love placing my feet. The tech zone is beautiful but the feature wall is where my pride lives. Bringing interactivity into an artistic space like this is everything.”


“Humber College is an innovative tech-based school and at this campus specifically, they're always creating innovative ways to showcase who Humber really stands for. They have beautiful buildings, beautiful designs everywhere. And we just wanted to give them one more. This space is going to give students a creative experience. Before, this space was very blocked off and very busy. Opening up this corridor was a huge thing. It was great to work with CVS on this very collaborative interactive process to have something to make it interactive.

Adding lighting and things like that was just kind of levelling it up and made it really fun. Interactivity is the main thing for students. And I'm really happy with it. It's got this cool glossy finish which makes it look very unique, very laser show-esque when you walk inside. CVS is very, very creative. If we have detailed projects that require a lot of custom work like this one, CVS is on my list for sure."

About Creative Visual Solutions:

Since 2002, CVS has been providing displays, exhibits and experiential environments to a wide variety of industries. They pride themselves on custom design, fabrication and event logistics services. See more at

About ATA Architects:

ATA provides excellence in service and in award winning architecture. ATA has developed experience and expertise in a variety of fields—from new projects to renovations and additions.

About Humber:

Humber is an innovative College that emphasizes hands-on, career-focused learning. They offer a broad range of credentials including bachelor's degrees, diplomas, certificates and Ontario graduate certificates that set up every student for success.

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